Welcome to Osaka! As an exciting, fast-paced city with lots to see and do, having constant access to maps, translations and recommendations on your phone is invaluable. Getting set up with a local SIM card should be one of your priorities upon arrival to stay connected throughout your trip. This guide includes everything you need to know about buying a SIM card in Osaka, from the best providers to where to find them and local tips from frequent travelers. Read on for your complete guide to SIM cards in Osaka!

How to Buy A SIM Card in Osaka

I. Which mobile operator is the best in Osaka?

Determining the “best” mobile operator in Osaka depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a breakdown of the main players:

Feature SoftBank NTT DoCoMo au by KDDI Rakuten Mobile
Strengths Speed, Video, 5G coverage Wide coverage, Reliability Affordable plans Very competitive pricing
Weaknesses Higher costs Slower speeds Slower speeds Limited network, weaker connections in some areas
Best for Users prioritizing speed and video experience Users needing wide coverage and reliability Users on a budget Price-conscious users with lower data needs

By considering your priorities and using these resources, you can make an informed decision about which mobile operator is best for your trip in Osaka.

II. Best Osaka SIM Card and cost

Choosing the “best” SIM card in Osaka depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here’s a breakdown of popular options:

Docomo Network Price (USD) Data Validity
bMobile ~US$13 - $20 5GB - 7GB in LTE/3G 10 days - 21 days
eConnect Japan ~US$32 - $46 5GB - 10GB in 4G/LTE/3G 30 days
IlJmio ~US$13 - $20 1GB - 2GB in 4G/LTE 30 days - 3 months
Sakura Mobile ~US$33 Unlimited 8 days
~US$48 15 days
~US$67 30 days
~US$108 45 days
~US$119 60 days
~US$178 90 days

III. Where to buy A SIM in Osaka

Getting set up with a Japan SIM card is remarkably quick and easy nowadays thanks to vending machines, online delivery options, and airport pick-up desks. Here are the best places to sort your Osaka SIM card.

1. Getting a SIM Card at Osaka Kansai Airport

You can get SIM cards at Kansai Airport at vending machines and dedicated counters right in the arrival lobby, making it quick and convenient to get connected right off the plane.

  • SoftBank Global Rental – Large kiosks located right as you exit customs provide prepaid tourist SIMs with unlimited data packages. The vending machine rental process takes around 5 minutes.
  • Sakura Mobile – Staff at the UQ desk in the arrival lobby can set you up with their monthly SIMs. Have your passport and a credit card ready for sign-up.

Already having data upon landing means you can access maps, train apps, and travel info straight away rather than hunting for stores around town later. If opting for airport pick-up, be sure to double-check opening hours and counter locations on your provider’s website before the trip.

2. Getting a Prepaid SIM Card in Osaka

If you forgot to order online in advance or don’t see airport kiosk hours aligning with your flight, picking up an Osaka SIM card downtown is easy too. Convenience stores and electronics shops like Yodobashi Camera have dedicated counters selling prepaid data SIMS for tourists. SoftBank and UQ Mobile SIM cards can also be purchased in-store.

Some notable locations to grab a SIM card around Osaka:

  • Bic Camera/Yodobashi Camera – Major electronics stores, multiple central city locations, a wide range of providers
  • SoftBank Shops – Sign up for prepaid SIMs on the spot, English support available
  • B-Mobile desks – Travel-focused SIMs, found at select downtown tourist shops and hotels
  • Don Quijote – Quirky mega-store chain selling budget Japan Osaka SIM cards

When shopping in person for an Osaka data SIM, have your passport ready to activate service on the spot. Know your device is also unlocked for international use. Same-day activation gets you set up quickly so you can focus on exploring Japan!

IV. eSIM card for Osaka travelers – a smart alternative

Japan eSIM - Alternative for buying SIM card at Japan Airports
Japan eSIM – Alternative for buying SIM card at Japan

Another option that’s been gaining popularity recently is using an eSIM card abroad instead of physical SIM. eSIMs load a data plan digitally onto your phone so there’s no need to install any card.

Benefits of eSIM Service

  • Don’t need to source a compatible SIM card
  • Remotely set up cell service before departure
  • Convenient switching between data plans and countries
  • Avoid SIM rental return and card disposal when leaving

For frequent jetsetters who prioritize fuss-free convenience across trips, an international eSIM like esimjapan.net makes staying connected in Osaka incredibly smooth.

Traveling to Osaka? Get connected easily with an eSIM from esimjapan.net. Plans from 2 days to 1 month on major networks like Docomo, AU and Softbank. Install via QR code – no roaming charges. Reliable data for your Osaka adventure from $12. Order now at esimjapan.net!

Japan’s calling, answer roaming free with esimjapan.net!

V. Things to prepare when buying SIM cards in Osaka

While getting a Japan SIM card in Osaka these days is quick, some preparation ensures everything activates smoothly:

1. Verify Phone Unlocking and eSIM Compatibility

Most modern devices can use Japan SIM/eSIM data plans. Check your phone, tablet, hotspot or watch supports the correct 3G (800MHz, 2100MHz) and LTE/4G (800/1700/1800/2100MHz) bands. Japan uses mini SIM cards. Contact your carrier to unlock if needed. Newer iPhones and Samsung phones usually work but check eSIM readiness on qualifying models as support varies.

For further information on whether your phone will work in Japan, you can check the Will My Phone Work? website.

2. Have Required Sign-up Details On Hand

When signing up for Osaka SIM card service, you’ll be asked for:

  • Valid Passport & Visa
  • International Credit / Debit Card
  • Email Access
  • Active Phone Number (For eSIM Activation SMS)

Fill in any registration forms in advance with your details accurately to avoid processing delays. For tourist SIM bundles, have your travel dates handy as this determines package length.

3. Download Necessary Apps

If activating an eSIM plan, download the provider’s application ahead of time. This will enable getting set up immediately upon landing in Japan. Also have translation apps, offline maps, and train route planners ready for navigating Osaka.

4. Pick-up Required Items In Advance

Before leaving your home country, buy any adapters needed to charge devices from Japanese outlets. Bring portable chargers or spare batteries too to prevent dead devices while travelling away from your hotel. Also consider getting a Skype Number for calls and verifying SIM cards over WiFi if your regular number won’t work abroad.

With the right savvy preparation, snagging a reliable Osaka SIM card or Japan eSIM will be smooth, allowing you to soak in this vibrant city from the moment your flight touches down!

VI. Tips and Recommendations

Here are some top tips from frequent Osaka travelers for saving money and avoiding hassles when using a local Osaka SIM card:

  • Limit Mobile Data Usage – While unlimited SIM cards don’t throttle speeds, limit heavy video, gaming, and data tasks. Japan blogs warn that “unreasonable usage” could risk service halt. Stick to social media, web, maps, and translation apps for smooth coverage.
  • Utilize Free WiFi – Public WiFi is widely available across Japan through the Connected-Free Wi-Fi program. Malls, subways, 7-11s, and attractions offer fast complementary networks, helpful when cell signals are weak indoors. This helps stretch your data further when traveling in Japan.
  • Have Cash and Coins Ready – Some downtown SIM vending machines only accept cash. Small retailers may not accept foreign cards either. Carry yen coins and notes to avoid hassles buying top-up cards while traveling.
  • Download Offline Content – Preload apps like maps, and guides before trips. Download Translate languages offline to stay set without WiFi underground or in areas with spotty reception in Osaka.
  • Monitor Data Usage – Check your control panel regularly for auto app updates or long video calls that could incur surprise data overage charges. Set data limit alerts if offered. Top up credit promptly when running low during trips.
  • Back-Up Important Data – Keep travel doc copies in phone/cloud in case of device issues abroad. Lock down devices securely as public USB charging risks hacking.


Do I need to show ID or passport when buying a SIM card in Osaka?

Yes, Japan SIM providers require seeing a passport when signing up in-store for activation and anti-fraud purposes. Some airport kiosks also ask for boarding passes to confirm tourist status and length of stay.

Can I use mobile payment apps like Apple Pay with my Japan SIM?

Yes, payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay equipped on unlocked devices will work normally with a Osaka SIM card. Confirm your international card is activated for contactless transactions abroad beforehand.

Is free public WiFi reliable around Osaka?

Yes, the Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi network offered in metro stations, major tourist sites, convenience stores, malls and counties buildings works very well with decent speeds for general usage when a SIM signal is weak indoors.

Can I use social apps like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok with Osaka SIM cards?

Japan doesn’t block major apps. You can use apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp without issues.

If I have issues with mobile or data connectivity in Osaka, is English support available?

SoftBank, Mobal and large stores like Bic Camera offer English support. Small local providers may be email-only or Japanese-only for customer service. Translation apps help at store tech counters. Airport counters of major travel SIM brands can solve issues faster than local retailers.

VIII. Conclusion

Reliable mobile data is key for navigating Osaka. Purchase a prepaid tourist SIM card locally from vending machines, airports, or shops for quick, convenient LTE connectivity. Top providers like SoftBank, UQ Mobile, and Mobal offer affordable prepaid data packages. With preparation like device unlocking, activating the SIM is smooth. Stretch data limits by using public WiFi. Enjoy your Japanese adventures with a seamless Osaka SIM card activated upon arrival.