Buying a SIM card at Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) allows you to have data and call access in Japan. It’s easy to purchase one upon arrival. Know where to buy, what kind to get (physical or eSIM), how to prepare your device and account, and any questions you have. We’ll cover the key details of getting a Japan SIM at Haneda International Airport to maximize your connectivity during the trip.

SIM Card at Tokyo Haneda Airport

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Haneda Airport has so many places for tourists to buy local SIMs. The main place to buy a Haneda Airport SIM card is at one of the airport’s many SIM counters and convenience store offers Haneda Airport SIM cards.

1. Haneda Airport Mobile Center

Mobile Center makes getting a SIM easy. It’s near the customs exit. Stop there to pick from Docomo, AU, or Softbank. You can buy data-only plans or plans with calling, texts, and data for a month or day. A passport is needed to buy it. And then you’re set to use your phone for emails, maps, and photos during your Japan trip.

  • Opening Hour: Every day, 7:00 to 21:30
  • Location: There are 3 Mobile Centers in Haneda Airport:
    • Third Floor Departure Area in Terminal 2
    • 2F Arrival Area 4 in Terminal 3
    • 3F Departure Area in Terminal 3
  • Language Support: Japanese, English, and basic Korean/Chinese.
Mobile Center Haneda Airport
Mobile Center at Haneda International Airport

2. SoftBank Counter/AnyFone JAPAN

AnyFone JAPAN and SoftBank are near arrival after security. They sell SIMs and pocket WiFis. AnyFone has monthly, weekly, or daily SIMs that work right away with no setup. You can use their pocket WiFis once a SIM is inserted. SoftBank sells SIMs with only data or calls/data, and you can pay with credit cards or cash. Both places make it easy to get internet on your phone or pocket WiFi during your trip.

  • Opening Hour: Every day, 8:00 to 20:00.
  • Location: Floor 2C next to the lobby for international arrivals in Terminal 2.
  • Language Support: Japanese, English. 
AnyFone JAPAN/Softbank Counter at Haneda Intenational Airport
AnyFone JAPAN/Softbank Counter at Haneda International Airport

3. BIC Camera Store

You can buy SIM at BIC Cameras in the international terminal or domestic terminal. They sell SIMs from carriers like Docomo, au by KDDI, and SoftBank. You can get SIM with data or both voice and data. They have English help available.

  • Opening hours: Daily from 5:30 – 23:30
  • Location: There are 2 locations:
    • International Terminal – By exits A1/A3 after you collect your bags in the arrivals area.
    • Domestic Terminal – On the first floor, near the exit to Tokyo Skytree
  • Languages: Japanese, English, and basic Chinese
BIC Camera Store at Haneda International Airport
BIC Camera Store at Haneda International Airport

4. Lawson Store

Convenience stores located pre-security in both terminals sell basic data SIM cards from carriers like Docomo and SoftBank. Sell prepaid data SIM cards from carriers like Docomo and SoftBank. Plans typically include 1-2GB of data valid for 1-3 months.

  • Locations: Pre-security in both terminals
  • Hours: 5 am-10 pm daily
  • Languages: Japanese, English
Lawson Store at Haneda International AIrport
Lawson Store at Haneda International AIrport

5. 7 – Eleven 

7-Eleven sells SIMs too but has less English support. They’re a backup if other stores are closed. The Mobile Center or AnyFone can provide better help. At 7-Eleven you can buy SIM cards from au by KDDI, Softbank, and Docomo with daily or weekly data plans from 500MB to a few GB. The SIMs work right away once in your phone. 7-Eleven only takes Japanese cash.

  • Locations: There are 3 places:
    • 3F Terrace Restaurant South 1 in Terminal 1. Opening hours: 07:00 to 21:00
    • 2F Departure Gate Lounge (North) 135 in Terminal 1. Opening hours: 06:00 to 20:00
    • 3F Post departure gate store 165 in Terminal 3. Opening hours: 7:00 – 21:00
  • Supported language: Minimal English, purchase process will likely be only in Japanese.
7-11 at Haneda International Airport
7-11 at Haneda International Airport

Most stores/counters accept major credit cards. Having your passport is necessary to purchase a Haneda Airport SIM Card. Pre-paid data-only options start around 2000-3000 yen (~ 13 – 20 USD) and include 1-2GB of data valid for 1-3 months.

Besides the SIM counters, there are also vending machines around Haneda Airport where you can purchase Haneda Airport SIM cards. These are convenient if you want to avoid lines, but may have a more limited selection.

II. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a Haneda Airport SIM Card

To make the process of getting a Haneda Airport SIM card easy, there are a few key things you should prepare in advance:

  • Unlocked phone – Your smartphone needs to be unlocked to use a foreign SIM. Contact your home carrier in advance to request an unlock.
  • Passport – When purchasing a SIM in Japan, you’ll need to show your passport as ID. Make sure to have it handy when you arrive at Haneda Airport.
  • Cash – Have some local currency on hand (Japanese Yen) as some SIM counters may not accept foreign credit cards. There are ATMs and currency exchanges at Haneda.
  • SIM card size – Check what size SIM your phone requires – standard, micro, or nano. The SIM counter can provide the appropriate size but good to confirm in advance.
  • Activate SIM – When you get your SIM, you may need to activate it by calling a toll-free number or going to a website. Have the instructions handy.
  • SIM tray removal tool – You’ll need to open the SIM tray on your phone to insert the new Japanese SIM. Bring the tray removal tool that came with your device.

Advance preparation takes the hassle out of getting a SIM card once you land at Haneda Airport. You can quickly get connected and start enjoying your Japan trip.

III. eSIM as Alternative to SIM Card at Haneda Airport

Japan eSIM

Besides SIM card in Haneda Airport, eSIM is available as an alternative if your phone supports it. With eSIM, there is no need to get a physical SIM – you simply download a mobile plan digitally.

Here are some pros and cons to consider about using eSIM instead of a traditional SIM at Haneda Airport:


  • More convenience – Remove the need to find a SIM counter, wait in line, or fumble with SIM trays
  • Remote activation – Can activate right on your phone after clearing immigration
  • Flexible plans – Can change data amounts or number of days as needed


  • Limited phone support – Only newer phone models have eSIM capability
  • Config complexity – Setting up eSIM the first time can be tricky
  • Carrier limitations – Not all Japanese carriers offer eSIM yet

So eSIM offers greater convenience for phones that support it. However, for wider device compatibility, getting a traditional SIM card at Haneda Airport is still a great connectivity option.

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IV. FAQs about Haneda Airport SIM Card

Do I need to book a Haneda Aiport SIM card in advance?

No advance booking is required. You can simply purchase a SIM when you arrive at the airport. However, pre-booking online does allow you to skip the airport counter queues.

How much data do I need on my SIM card in Haneda Airport?

5-10GB is a good amount for most travelers. Heavy data users may want more. Some providers offer unlimited data plans. Make sure to check data amounts when purchasing your SIM.

Can I get a Japan SIM card outside the Haneda Airport?

Yes, SIMs can be purchased in electronics stores like Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera. But the airport is the most convenient option right after arrival.

How long does the Haneda Airport SIM card activation process take?

Activation is fairly quick – expect it to take 5-10 minutes to complete the steps and get connected. Make sure to follow the provider’s instructions.

Do I need a voltage converter to charge my phone in Haneda Airport?

No converter is needed – Japan uses 100V-240V power, the same as North America and Europe. But you will need a plug adapter to match Japan’s Type A/B outlets.

V. Final Words

Getting connected in Japan is easy when you land at Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND). Stop by the SIM booths after customs to select from Japanese mobile carriers. An eSIM is also a great option – it installs digitally on compatible phones so you won’t need a SIM. Have your passport and unlocked phone ready. Then whether you go eSIM or physical SIM, you’ll be all set to message friends, look up places to visit, and stay in touch during your trip. Getting connected at Haneda Airport lets you make the most of exploring awesome Japan!